What We Do

We trade, invest, create and consult.
Our approach draws the finest elements of each to deliver exceptional work.


Opening the right doors

We understand how opening the right doors makes a difference between success and failure. We have paved the way through challenging business environments like Mexico and Indonesia whilst we tap on emerging technologies and trends to disrupt businesses and jumpstart innovative projects globally.


Moulding brands

Brands need to be like water, to be able to flow and be formless yet a force to be reckoned with, being able to adapt and mould itself to better fit with the ever-changing markets. We at Lesont are equipped with the right resources and an experienced team who can see through this crucial development with you.


Solutions highway

Our secret to an efficient global operation is a tri-nerve-centre based in Singapore, UK and Mexico that handle all operations worldwide round the clock. Our GROUND to CLOUD solutions ensure time-sensitive cargo is delivered efficiently every-time, every-where.

We are able to do what we do, with
great expertise, what do you require ?