Company Leadership

We started our journey over 15 years ago.
It was the pursuit of opulence then, today we deliver exellence.

Gobi Krishnan

Managing Director

Gobi founded Lesont in Singapore on 2007 and achieved swift success on 2011 by winning the Singapore Indian Chambers, Singapore Indian Entrepreneur Award.

Prior to envisioning the Lesont Group, Gobi studied in fields of both computer engineering and law. He served in critical Operations and Logistics of a fighter squadron in the Republic of Singapore Air Force.

His key strengths are creating successful business entities, branding, sourcing and distribution in challenging territories.

Gobi is based between Singapore, Thailand, Mexico and the UK and you can contact him  at gobi@lesont.com

His blog is gobikrishnan.com

Catherine Moodie

Finance Adviser

Catherine leads Lesont group finance and plays a key role in bringing finance, commercial and operational teams together across the continents to achieve our strategy and vision. 

Before joining the Lesont Group, Catherine gained 10 years experience in corporate restructuring at PricewaterhouseCoopers in London where she was involved in corporate turnaround projects across Europe and the Middle East.

Catherine is based in the UK and you can contact her at catherine@lesont.com

Tommy Liao

Operations Director

Tommy leads Lesont Group operations and logistics worldwide. He also plays a commercial role in China related business ventures.

He has been a key pillar in the Lesont Group for over 12 years.

Tommy brings into effect his experience in international logistics and his relentless pursuit for timely operations worldwide.

Tommy is based in Singapore and you can contact him at tommy@lesont.com


Consultant (Design)

Bringing in 14 years of experience in the creative industry. Raj’s work tend to have a keen eye for detail which gets supported by the most exciting startups and organisations around the globe.

Raj is based in Singapore and you can contact him at raj@greydient.co

Adrian Perez

Operations Director

Adrian heads up purchasing and logistics in our Mexico operation, Clarisa Co. He builds and manages relationships with our partners across Mexico and, together with his team, ensures timely and cost effective logistics services for our customers across the globe. 

Before joining the team, Adrian gained extensive experienced in logistics working with shipping lines including PIMEVA (part of the COSCO group) and Wan Hai.

Adrian is based in Ensenada, Mexico and you can contact him at adrian@clarisaco.com

Ericka Aguilera

General Manager (Mexico)

Ericka manages the many administrative and compliance functions in our Mexican operation, Clarisa Co. She supports the overseas and local teams to execute commercial and logistics activities within the region quickly and efficiently.  

Ericka is a lawyer by training and worked for 6 years in Federal Courts in Mexico before spending the last seven years in private industry.

Ericka is based in Tijuana, Mexico and you can contact her at ericka@clarisaco.com

Rokas Smailis

Commercial Director

Rokas is Lesont’s specialist trader in Europe and the Middle East, working predominantly in the BWS and FMCG industry sectors. He is responsible for growing our business in these regions and building bridges between Europe and our bases in Central America and Asia Pacific.

Rokas’ expertise comes from 20 years in trading and 7 years as a supply chain manager with Pernod Ricard.

Rokas is based in Vilnius, Lithuania and you can contact him at rokas@lesont.com

Muthukumar Subramanian (Dr)

Consultant (Medical Affairs)

Dr Muthukumar has over 25 years of combined administrative & clinical experience, with international exposure; namely in Canada and Malaysia, Most recently he was Medical Director (Head – Medical Services) for one of the leading chain of Pediatric Hospitals and currently practicing as a Consultant Pediatrician & Diabetologist.

Dr Muthukumar currently consults a variety of start-up projects across the world. Key focus includes patient-centred focus innovations that lead to early detection and prevention.

Dr.Muthukumar is based in Bengaluru, India and you can contact him at drmuthukumar@lesont.com

Just some of the great companies we’ve worked with.

With 15 years of on-going business experience, we have worked with numerous global corporations. Everything from consumer goods to vital commodities that make everyday life possible.