Supply Chain Management

The LESONT Group has served over 20 Million people in 15 years across 6 continents.

Headquartered in Singapore with presence in China, India, Indonesia, Ghana, United Kingdom, Mexico, United States and Australia.
Medium Enterprise of the Year
Award Winning Enterprise: Singapore Indian Chambers of Commerce, Medium Enterprise of the Year 2011
Success Stories : Covid-19 Response
International Medical Corps
International Medical Corps is a global humanitarian organisation dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering by providing a range of emergency medical services and training to those affected by conflict, disease or disaster. Since WHO declared the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, International Medical Corps have been working globally to limit the spread of the virus, treat those affected by it and help with vaccination.

The Lesont Group shipped and imported millions of pieces of PPE to their distribution centre in the USA and to a UN Humanitarian Response Depot in the Middle East.

- International Medical Corps
Success Stories : Covid-19 Response
Durbin PLC
I worked with the Lesont team to meet urgent requirements for PPE in the aid and development sector during the Covid-19 emergency. Throughout, they were professional, efficient, agile and responsive. Lesont impressed with their sourcing, fulfilment and logistics capabilities in a difficult environment.

- Jamie Chinn, Aid and Relief Specialist, Durbin PLC
Success Stories : Supply Chain Management
It is our pleasure to cooperate with Lesont during the Covid-19 emergency and more widely. Lesont work quickly, efficiently and professionally with our teams in China and around the world to achieve smooth operations to multiple markets in challenging environments. We have grown a strong relationship with the team during these times.

- Fun Luo, Managing Director
Global Diplomatic Sales & Lease
Brand New
Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan and Ford

Experienced global diplomatic procurement specialists supplying NGOs, Military, Consulates, Embassies, Ambassadors and Foreign Delegations with both LHD and RHD vehicles.
Soft Commodities
Premium Quality Products at the Most Affordable Prices.
Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
We have the combined sourcing experience of over 50 years and supply big retail daily in all 6 continents.
Perfumes & Cosmetics
The biggest perfumes and cosmetics brands for the best prices.
Beers, Wines & Spirits (BWS)
We have been supplying Beers, Wines and Spirits for over 15 years. We also provide private label concept to production to big retail.

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