Executive Management

We started our journey in 2007.
Today we deliver supply chain excellence across the world from bulk to brands.


” … iIs ont fait l’impossible …”  – They did the impossible.

“ … ils ont fait …” – They did it.

Gobi Krishnan

Founder, Executive Director

Gobi founded Lesont in Singapore in 2007 and achieved swift success in 2011 by winning the Singapore Indian Chambers, Singapore Indian Entrepreneur Award.

Prior to envisioning the Lesont Group, Gobi studied in fields of both computer engineering and law. He served in critical Operations and Logistics of a fighter squadron in the Republic of Singapore Air Force. Gobi grew up with very humble beginnings and being the eternal optimist always valued the struggles of life.

He has led the company over 17 years across various industries and fulfilling supply chain excellence globally.

One of his personal highlights was to successfully supply critical PPE during the Covid-19 pandemic to the United Nations (UN) in various challenging territories including the Republic of South Sudan.

His biggest passion is creating brands with value driven supply chains from entry to luxury segments.

“Turn adversities into action and obstacles into opportunities.” – Gobi Krishnan, 2011


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